Dear Player, Fan, Supporter of Scunthorpe RUFC and Heslam Park

We would like to thank you for your loyalty and support over the past few years; we have been on a wave of ups and downs over the past few years and regardless of how many downs we have experienced you have been a part of the SRUFC family and we truly appreciate you!

We have been committed to bringing you affordable Rugby to the local community with a base envied by most and what is some of the best facilities in the area. We would like to thank the players for signing up in their droves to play for Rugby Club.

Our home Heslam Park has been hit with unprecedented costs of late with utility bills going up 5 fold every month, and they require our support, without Heslam the Rugby and Cricket we enjoy on a weekend simply would not survive.

Unfortunately due to the increase we are having to adjust our prices across the board from beer, to the price of food for the players and the packet of crisps for the kids.

To that end we would like to remind you to become members at from just £15 a year (£1.25 a month) the membership entitles you to discounts on drinksand also preferential rates on room hire for your functions.

We would like to think you will support us through this time and we will continue to provide affordable sport and social interaction for you.

If you have any questions please find one of the committee members to speak with

Yours Faithfully

Liam Waldron

SRUFC Chair on behalf of all sections of SRUFC